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Vibrio Cholerae Symptoms Cholerae
Vibrio cholerae, belonging to the family Vibrionaceae. The genus Vibrio contains gram-negative, mainly curved rods, 1.5-2 m long and about 0.5 m wide, which have one polar flagellum. The name Vibrio goes back to the Danish physician and naturalist Otto Friedrich Muller, who observed the strong movements of the vibrios in droplets of water during microscopy. Vibrios can be divided into serotypes based on O-antigens (lipopolysaccharides), like other gram-negative bacteria. The causative agent of cholera is almost exclusively strains of Serovariete 0: 1 with subgroups of Ogawa and Inaba. Because of their physiological characteristics, they are divided into biotypes of cholera and El Tor. Another pathogen of cholera, which is especially common in the Indian subcontinent.

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