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The story of The Journey continues, and catches the story of Alex Hunter at the latest. This time, the pleasure of the news has been something, and if the theme last time was dreams and hope for FIFA 18 Coin generator like never Before, it is now much more sprawling. The hunter himself is not as lovely – he appears as an unselfish egoist – but on the other hand it has a storytelling point. In the end, it’s quite entertaining, after all, with charmingly styled cameos from big soccer icons – mostly Thierry Henry.

Finally, I have to mention the game’s soundtrack, which includes great tracks from bands like Slowdive, Run the Jewels, The National and The War on Drugs. A bizarre detail, however, is that the latter band got its name censored in the game. Ugly adult words like “drugs” can not be included in Fifa anyway. In this idealistic, well-liked football dream nothing is left to chance. Probably, that’s why it’s still so terribly appealing.

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