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vietnam visa formA valid passport and a visa are required for all foreigners visiting Vietnam. For more about visum on arrival vietnam review our site. The Essential information to the travel agency includes: Complete name, birthday and Set Of birth, nationality, number of your passport, entry and exit dates as well as the state you intend to get your entry visa in the Vietnamese embassies or consulates. All guests' passports must be valid for at least six months after departing Vietnam and should contain at least one unused page for entry/exit endorsements.

However, you can confirm with the airline to make sure you need to acquire a visa or not in case you only layover in Vietnam for couple of hours. The Government of vietnam visa might not allow or authorize travel to certain regions of the nation that are deemed sensitive. Your visa approval letter could be issued over 04 working hours since your submission of internet visa application.

The official language of Vietnam is Vietnamese Like visum on arrival vietnam Thai and Mandarin, Vietnamese is a tonal language which uses a change in pitch to inflect various meanings, and this may make it difficult for Westerners to learn. Vietnam is a one party authoritarian Country, Together with the President as the Head of State, and Also the Prime Minister as the Head of Government. If you are not certain how long you will want to travel via Vietnam, apply for a 90-day visa at the outset.

No, luckily, Philippines citizens don't require a visa for entering into vietnam visa. Amendment pages at the rear of the passport are not suitable for Vietnamese visa stamps. Based on immigration laws, a person could submit his/her application as early as 6 months prior to travel date. Subscribe for our monthly newsletter to  help you stay on top of the latest travel news and featured Content and advice on travel advisories, visa & passport policy updates, travel tips, and Much more.

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