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Pool depth is critical when considering adding fish to your water possess. A typical Koi pond should not shallower than 20 inches. Ideally, a Koi pond is about 30 to 40 inches deep. However, it usually have shallow edges for feeding the fish and watching their beauty shine through the moisture.

Asagi designates "sky color" and once it appears on a koi, it identifies a fish within a blue-gray body. Occasionally, this particular variety also possesses a red marking approximately midway onto it's head and the body.

A Koi garden isn't your typical garden with trees and plants. A botanical garden is a delight in its own right. But, a Koi garden can be a garden actually combine various elements to design a healthy eco-system for your Koi fish to are living. A Koi garden can contain various elements, cause constituents that are a pond, the Koi fish and flora. Many other elements such as pathways, waterfalls, lights, seating area, etc can be put into create an intriguing Koi gazebos.

Some thought must begin the depth of the thiet ke ho ca koi mini an individual have are intending build the pond yourself. The depth of the water can offer some protection from outside potential. Raccoons would love a good koi bowl. Providing your koi with about four feet of water will not really give your fish protection from the sun and more room to swim, it will certainly also as possible . raccoons growing. Some areas the country have be concerned about about birds like to offer Blue Heron who love the taste of koi as perfectly. One Blue Heron can have a meal around 100 six inch koi. To keep this type of predators at bay you should give your koi a water depth of certainly 8 the foot. Another way to keep bird predators away through koi fish is to be able to a bird net over your koi pond.

Choose a correct place your backyard for that pond. Most often, ho ca koi mini fish ponds end up being focal points of backyard gardens, thus choose an excellent location of your pond as well. Also make particular the pond's location let your fishes to obtain a spot of shade. If you can't find a location with some shade, you're able to also thi cong ho ca koi nhat ban just be sure to put some lilies from the pond give your fishes some shade later.

To pun intended, the hassles and waste of one's in building another pond for your Kois, below tips still that is really help you build a garden Koi pond thiet ke thi cong ho ca koi correctly in the first place.

There are some Japanese legends associated the actual use of Koi fish. One states that if the Koi could succeed in climbing the Dragon Gate falls to your yellow river it would become a dragon. This legend for you to the symbol becoming that of advancement and worldly want. Another states that if they are caught, these people face death bravely on the cutting board, much to provide a samurai. The Koi meaning is symbolic in the culture because that associated with conditions, the fish would swim upstream.

People usually experimenting when using the types of koi, breeding wild koi with other types of carp for a unique koi. The ghost koi popular near your vicinity is several consumers of a wild carp and Ogon koi.

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